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Simple Hacks to protect yourself from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We startup with a very basic question that what is coronavirus? And why does it occur? The answer to my question is that: A virus is an agent that causes infection. A tiny particle affecting the whole world. A variety of living organisms are affected by including bacteria, plants and animals. Bacteria are so tiny that they are not viewable by the microscopes and other instruments. According to our Hacks of a virus, a virus is also known as Robot Hacker, because one’s when it is entered in your body it hacks the cell and controls it according to its need. Viruses penetrate through one medium to another medium easily. Coronavirus has also this property.

What is CoronaVirus and from where does it come?

Hack to my question is: Coronavirus is a family of a family that causes the diseases from animals. It is easily trans able from animals to humans and from humans to humans. It is spread by respiratory droplets when someone infected with the virus coughs or sneeze. Coronavirus has declared it a pandemic. Symptoms of the Coronavirus are, people may be sick with the infection for the 1 to 14 days before developing the symptoms. The most common symptoms of( COVID-19) is fever, tiredness and dry cough. The remedy of this virus hasn’t been still developed but the hack to the treatment of this disease is still not in the market and there is not special treatment also. Most people are recovered from this infection without any special treatment.

Simple Hacks to protect from Coronavirus (COVID-19):

The current situation is very sarcastic and everyone is being erroneously suffered by it. Through the world we are in worry to protect their-self from this section. We are giving you some special hacks to make yourself safe and healthy.

World Health Organization (WHO) has given many solutions to it But our hacks are the best guaranteed for you if you follow it :

(i) Prevention is the only answer:

(ii) Make your paths Clear:

(iii) Practice Social Distancing :

The disadvantage of COVID-19 is that the entities are not considering itin  serious mode that it  is the start of the destruction. Each and every-one should take it seriously and work on it not for others but themselves. Every-one have made it a provenance enjoyment and a quality time for them that is representing an incredible to the remainder of the world in a more extensive range.  Immaturity too such a level that they don’t misty idea about the importance of their life. Urban communities  with individuals surge out of with end goal of delight in the crisis excursion. Hence that’s why we are locked down.

Social Distance as it refers to its name “Keeping your distance from other human beings”. Human beings in a number at a given location is compulsory but the solidity is even more meaningful. Virtualize or delay your meetings. Be conscious or make an effort to avoid crowds. Tight grip or shaking hands should be avoided.  For a while COVID-19 will stay with us –probably while in spring- adopting these habits is the best remedy for keeping our society healthy and safe. Appropriate disinfection and good sanitation are habits that never go out of season. Habits that will never go out will be appropriate disinfection and a good regimen.

Indications for the one who is suffering from COVID-19:

COVID-19 may appear between 3-15 days after the signals and symptoms the exposure may including Temperature, Sore throat ,Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing ,Tiredness, Aches, Running nose,  dry Cough  and Bluish face or lips, constant  pain or pressure in the chest.

COVID-19 can vary from balmy to severe. Part of people has no symptoms. Usually, who are older or having existing habitual medical conditions, such as heart, lung disease or diabetic patients, may be at a higher risk of serious illness. This is what to the resemblance to what we see with other respiratory illnesses such as influenza. And secondly the adults are also at a higher risk to be get infected by the COVID-19.

Financing for emerging countries facing a COVID-19 sparked economic disaster:

Current situations will look imminent that the COVID-19 will lead to a global economic recession, and the emerging countries will hit hard, even if they are not yet themselves affected by the pandemic. Central world bank and governments across the developed world begin injected money into their economies, a similar major financial injection is needed for emerging countries.

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