Improve your personality post COVID-19 pandemic

Improve your personality post COVID-19 pandemic

How did it come?

So, this COVID-19pandemic appeared on the surface of the Earth and in the atmosphere of our globe. No one was prepare for it. It spread like fire over all the world. Everyone was panic, shocked. Even the elders hadn’t seen such a phase of the Earth in their entire life span. It’s termed as COVID-19 pandemic because it sparked up in 2019. But its real shockwave appeared as a 2020 new year surprise. Person after person and country after country is under the claws of this pandemic. A proverb that appeared due to a gene mutation. Coronavirus family never taught with significance in medical schools. Even so, the world’s economy ceased, roads went empty. Restaurants got barren, and the sounds felt silenced.

What should have done in the post era of this Virus?

covid-19 virus

But as they say, “Every black cloud has a silver lining,”. So does this unseen oppressor has and that silver lining is to found by us. No doubt in the quarantine days, we are reflecting more. connected to family more. The human touch is now being more embraced. The gatherings and the echoes of laughter are now being more looked upon. We are going back to our basics and roots. We are becoming more and more human. Let’s take this as a golden opportunity to develop and groom our personalities. And thinking in a way, so that we come out as a warrior and as a far better person than yesterday.

How it should to do:

And how can we do that? Only by following some basic principles taught to us by our histories, religions and law. That states “Being a True Human” should be our first and primary priority. No matter the circumstances. Some ideas are:

  1. Hack to join yourself and Start contacting :
pandemic gathering

The people with who you had a dispute or fight. Ask them about their health and their families’ health. How are the surviving in this pandemic? Ask them if they need any help and be ready to help them in whatever way you can!. Show empathy. Disputes happen everywhere because we all are humans. Accept this and accept the fact that you could also be at the other person’s place. 

  • Hack to Connect yourself:
connect with yourself in covid-19

Be more to nature. View the sunrise or sunset from your window. Instead of clicking a picture and posting it on your social media account. Embrace it, look at the view with your mind all focused on it. Learn and see how the sun is spreading light and warmth without asking anything in the back. It’s performing its duty well enough and is punctual. It rises on time and sets on time.

3.  Hack to Cherish:

Whatever you have in your life.No matter how much less or more. It could have been a matter of chance where you could have deprived of all your current belongings. It’s ok to have wished, but let not those wishes drive you crazy. What if your closet is not full. After all, you don’t need an overloading closet to breathe. You will breathe even if you have a single dress with you.

4. Hack to keep the facts:

happy facts

One has to keep in mind that this life is temporary. Nothing is immortal here. So every life’s joy and suffering are for the time being. We have seen many around us passing away because of this Virus, even though they or no one had thought about it. And all their belongings no matter how much couldn’t save them.

5. Hack to  be more generous:


Be  kinder, and more sharing. The other humans are all fellows, and we bear the same roots. We belong to the same species. A lion doesn’t eat another lion, no matter how hungry. Why do we harm each other then? This makes animals more humane without having the human social characteristics. And we being less sympathetic bearing all human aspects.

6 .  Hack be  yourself:

Be kind to your self as well. You had been exerting yourselves a lot in your lifestyle. You had a pile of wishes and dreamed of fulfilling. And a collection of official papers to solve to full fill those wishes. Don’t burden your backbone with this pile of legitimate or illegitimate desires. You can survive if all your basic needs are full filled. Breathe in free and be happy. Contentment is a gift which the lucky ones have. Make yourself a lucky person!

7. Hack toSpend your earning:

spend earning covid-19

On those who are in dire need of money to survive. Someone might die of not having a meal. But nothing wrong will happen to you if you didn’t. This is another pair of shoes you were buying because your friend bought it to show you. Buy things to make yourself happy, not to post a picture of them, and to make others see what you own.

covir-19 hacks

8.  Hack to Read.

 Read about yourself and the universe. Read about entrepreneurs about milestone achievers who made an impact on history. Read on how they were able to rise and known by everyone because of their pioneer work. Afterall being a mere human like you. Read about those great men who are still alive in the hearts of people. Even after deceasing from this mortal world.

9. Hacks to  Look:

Look around and search for sufferers of this pandemic. Help yourself and figure out new ways where you can survive this pandemic. Find those open doors.

10.  Hack to Be loyal:

Be honest, and genuine in your relations. Fake relations die fast on the strike of one blow. Build pure ties and get rid of all the counterfeit links around you!

And in last, make it simple. Make everything simple. Because the more straightforward, the easier, the better and the happier.

Keep following the WHO guidelines of precautions. And prove yourself a responsible lad of this Earth!

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