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New Home Hacks 2020

Hello everybody how are you today! I’m going to tell you that how home life hacks are useful in our daily routine.

Whatever who we are? Whatever where we are if we are alive and life is live then surely and definitely we will need any type of life or home hacks to make our life easy and to get rid of tiny vine but irritating situations. So! If you don’t have any idea about home hacks then don’t try to worry lol. yes you are at right page here with us. First we will mention you a daily routine tiny vine problem then we will tell you the home hacks for that problem. yeah the solution of your problem. so! Stay with us.

Home Hacks for Back Pain?


Step 1.

Sit back from work station or desk.

Speared your Arm onwards and stretch your arm as much as you can then release your arm.

(Repeat this at least 4 times.)

Step 2.

Move your Head around your shoulders in circle clock wise and anti-clock wise.

(Repeat this at least 4 times.)

Step 3.

Then hold the chair’s arm and stretch yourself right side then left side. (Repeat this at least 4 times.)

Step 4.

Then put your both hands at table surface and try to Relives Tension in the muscles supporting your Spin and Improve your physical Mobility.

Take 4 time deep breath.

Hurray! You All done. Now my dear back to the work LOL!

Home Hack for Sore Throat?

Sometime during the party you eats different food some Sore ant salty and drinks some soft drinks.

During the party and after the party often peoples feel some itches and sore in their Throats.S0! Hack is ready. Follow these Life Hacks steps.

Hack 1

Take little piece of Ginger, sprinkle some salt on it and keep in your mouth for 10 minutes.

Hack 2

Drink Some Hot Water as much as you can bear.

Hack 3

If you have some cloves in your kitchen (Obviously you have) keep two cloves in your mouth.

Hack 4

Take little piece of chocolate (Yummy) and chew it slowly and try to keep in your throaty for little time.

Hope you will get rid of sore throat by these life hacks. And also will enjoy the taste also.

Hack for Dusty Atmosphere?

Some time we surrounded by unexpected pollution like sand storms or sandy wind or smoky Area.

And you are feeling problem to take breath and don’t have any security mask. Then what to do?

Life hacks? Yes you need a life hack.

Hack 1

Use your scarf or Hand kerchief to cover your nose and mouth.

Hack 2

Wet any piece of cloth and then cover your nose and mouth.

Hack 3

Take any tissue paper make some layer left and right and grab some rubber band 

Then staple a rubber band at each side of layered tissue paper. It will take a shape of medical Mask.

Use and take breathe without fear. LOL

Home hack for Fly sting?

If you are at any picnic spot and accidently you surrounded by honey bee and its stings you and that time you don’t have any Medical Back up with you so don’t be tens life hack is ready. Paste some Tomato ketchup on it for 10 minutes and you will see that pain and swelling will vanish. Now, enjoy your picnic. 🙂

Runny Nose?

When weather is going change we effected by runny nose and its very annoying. So if you don’t have any proper medicine at home then step in your kitchen, open the fridge where you can see the ginger root. Take some piece of Ginger and put in a pan then add water and boil it when into one glass left half then flame off and stain in a cup add some lemon and one teaspoon of Honey then drink it slowly after few minutes you will feel better than before. Repast this life hack twice or thrice a day.


This is very bad if someone victim of this. The simple method set your sleep time in you mobile clock and fiercely you should take yourself at bed, time by time your body will understand your sleeping time and don’t force yourself for sleep when you go on bed. Just think about a Garden, Flowers, Fragrance etc. Don’t think about your daily work thing some positive.


Take a bottle and put 10 drop of olive oil, coconut oil, lavender oil, then mix them well and take few drops on your tips and massage your back neck gently after some time you will feel like sleep then don’t waste your time a sleep at once LOL.

Over eating?

Hack 1

If you eat a lot and can’t feel better so use this life hack that take a Lemon and take juice of it then put in a glass.

Add some water  and drink it after few minutes you will walk with stuffed stomach lol.

Hack 2

Chew some mint or basil leaves and drink some hot water. This method has magically effect and will relive you from this problem.

High Fever?

If you are surfing from high fever and nobody is with you even don’t have any medicine by chance then use this life hack then take two round shape Onion pieces ant put these piece under your socks overnight .In the morning you will get up fresh.

Hack 2

Take any oil and massage your whole body unless head and cover yourself with blanket avoid your body in contact of air even fan air after 30 minutes you will get rid of High Fever.

Hack 3

Put some any oil at your feet and Hands nail and Nose sit in warm blanket and Drink some hot soup this method will also release  you into high fever.

High Blood Pressure?

This is very common health issue now a days if you will aware of it that when you feel symptoms of high Blood Pressure then do this life hack.

And stay with us we will come back with new Problem and their solution.
Stay Healthy | Stay Happy

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