Kitchen Hacks and Tricks

Kitchen Hacks and Tricks

Do you want to become a smart housewife? Are you finding a place to learn smart kitchen hacks and tricks that will save your life? Yes! You are at the right place. I’m going to share with you some cleverest kitchen hacks and tricks. So, stay with me and enjoy the most amazing kitchen hacks and tricks …..

Kitchen hack and trick for Easy Apple Juice?

Are you craving for a chilled and delicious Apple Juice? I am telling you a crazy kitchen hack and trick for this✌

✿ Take an Apple and freeze it until chilled.

✿ After that, defrost the apple. Press each side of the apple and make it softer.

✿  Now squeeze it in the glass. Here is your fresh chilled delicious apple juice ready. ENJOY!

 woman with a juice in Kitchen Hacks

Easy Peel-Off Boiled Potato?

Tired of the old ways peeling off the potato and want a classic solution? Here it is ✌

  • Apply a cut with a knife in the middle around the potato.
  • Then boil it. After boiling, peel off from the middle. You can see the potato would peel off easily.
Peeling the potato in Kitchen Hacks

Tears while cutting an onion?

prevent tears while cutting onion in Kitchen Hacks

Do you face difficulty while cutting an onion? Is it always make you cry? 😜

Don’t worry. I have a kitchen hack and trick for you:-

  • Keep a lot of bread in your mouth. Bread will absorb the Onion vapors. Enjoy cutting the onion✌

Easy peel-off Peach?

peeled peach in Kitchen Hacks

Peach is a softer fruit and it is rather difficult to peel it off. Here I am sharing a simple kitchen trick for this

  • Soak the Peach in Luke warm water for 10 minutes.
  • After 10 minutes, soak the Peach in cold water for 5 minutes.
  • Now peel off the Peach. You will see, how much it is easy 😉

Hack and trick for cutting the boiled egg?

You want to half the boiled egg and face egg crumbles? Don’t worry.  A very simple super easy kitchen hack and trick for you. ✌

  • Wet the knife with water and then use it to cut the egg with a wet knife. No CRUMBS…Super Easy…….😌
Preserve tomato

Freshen the green leaves

Are you storing the salad leaves in a refrigerator and found the leaves have loosed their freshness? No need to worry here. I have a solution. Try this kitchen hack and trick.

Fresh leaves
  • Take a bowl of water.
  • Mix 2 tbsp of Vinegar in the bowl of water.
  • Soak the leaves into it and wait for 5 minutes.
  • MAGIC…. leaves are fresh now. ✌

Release stuck pots

It’s a common issue in the kitchen we face that glass and other containers get stuck into each other and we have a fear of breaking them if we release. No need to worry,  I am here with a kitchen hack for this problem also.. 😁

stuck glass
  1. Grease the ends of the stuck pots i.e. glass with oil.
  2. Leave for half an hour.
  3. Now try to release them. You can see they will get isolated easily. 😉

Removing the sticky label from new utensil

Have you bought a new utensil? Having trouble in removing its label? Don’t worry. It’s also super easy. How? check this kitchen hack and trick below…  😊

  •   Place the utensil on the stove over low flame.
  • Scrap the label with a sharp tool like a spoon or knife.
  • You will see how easy is to remove that label.. ✌

How to store cheese?

Do you have a cheese bar and don’t want to use it right now? Yes, you can store it for 5 to 6 days. How? Check this kitchen hack and trick..

  •    Take a bowl of water and keep the cheese bar into it.
store cheese
  •    Store this in the refrigerator.
  •    Use it within 5 to 6 days. ✌

How to sharpen a knife at home?

I am sharing a super-easy way to make a blunt knife sharper in a few seconds. How? check the kitchen trick below ..

  1. Take a ceramic mug with upside down.
  2. Rub the blunt knife slowly onto the downside edge of the mug. like this in the picture.
Sharpening the knife
  1. A ceramic mug will sharpen the knife. ✌

How to sharpen kitchen scissors?

Do you work more and more with your kitchen scissor? 😝 Is your scissor got blunt? 😒 I have a hack,

  1. Take an Aluminum foil paper and fold it twice or thrice.
  2. Now try to cut the foil with a blunt scissor.
sharpen the kitchen scissor
  1. It will cut difficult in the beginning but will get smooth after a while.
  2. Yes, the scissor is sharp now. ✌

How to preserve tomato from spoiling?

Are you facing the issue of spoiled tomato in the refrigerator? No worries. Use this kitchen hack and trick.

  1. Take a candle and rub its wax on the root of the tomato.
Preserve tomato
  1. Now store it in the refrigerator.
  2. Don’t forget to cut that place before using the tomato where the wax was applied.  

Easy peel-off the orange

Tired of peeling off the orange by tiny mini peels? I have an interesting kitchen hack and trick for you!

  1. Fill the orange with water with the help of an injection needle.
  2. Now peel it off. MAGIC, it’s super easy 😀
Orange Juice

More lemon juice?

The common way of squeezing the lemon gives us less amount of lemon. So, do you want more lemon juice? Yeah!

  1. Place the lemon in the oven for 15 seconds.
  2. Now squeeze it. Wow it is double in quantity than before

Make your drink more delicious

Here is a smart way of making the ordinary drink more tasteful. How? check this kitchen trick…

  • Instead of using normal ice cubes for chilled drinks, use frozen grapes in the glass. ✌

A unique way to cook steak

Don’t have a stove or oven? And craving for steaks? Don’t worry. Try this unique and weird kitchen hack and trick.

  1. Sprinkle the salt and pepper on the steak and wrap it in the Foil paper.
  2. Now press with a hot iron for a while and cook on every side of the steak.
  3. Wow .. tasty steaks are ready. ENJOY

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