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How to Prevent Coronavirus?

A very common but deadly disease is spread everywhere and almost every human is concern about this disease that How to Prevent Coronavirus. not only in a single country but all over the world. Yes I am talking about CORONAVIRUS  a terrible disease which has killed thousands of human across the world. As far as my study and research reached on Corona virus, it came to know that this is a huge disaster in the world till now. Which has effected almost every area of human life and business.

See in the picture how this deadly virus effects the human body

Well, I wish May God keep all the humanity safe and sound!

I want to share some of my knowledge about Coronavirus and also it’s Occurrence,  Symptoms and some precautions about how  to prevent this deadly virus…

First of all, let me share about how this virus came to exist.


Coronavirus is a very small virus which transports from breath and touch. It starts from fever with a dry cough. Around 80% of cases are mild and gets recovered at home and 20% cases are cured in the hospital. Very rare symptom in many patients seems to be runny nose and sore throat. Fever and cough are very  common symptoms of Coronavirus 83% and 82% patients respectively. Short breath is rather rare symptom appears in 31% patients.

11% of hospitalized patients goes to death due to Coronavirus.  

What is Coronavirus?

The common discussion is everywhere that the origin of the Coronavirus is China. I also assume it to be true. The reason is that  Chinese people used to eat many un allowed food, every kind of animals, mammals even Dogs, Foxes, Frogs and their feces even. Yike! 🙁
A city in China named “wuhan” is the biggest city with the population of more than 100 Millions.  There is a food market in Wuhan where every kind of animals and sea animals are bought and sold. Experts say that corona virus has transferred from any of that animals and effected the human one by one.  

The same virus as Corona Virus had also devastated the world and thousands of lives early in 2002. Chinese Government has sealed the Wuhan city for emergency circumstances.

Affected Areas

Coronavirus started from China and now has spread in many countries in the World such as

These countries has become isolated due to Corona Virus because they banned the incoming of tourists from other countries to prevent the transport of Corona Virus.


This is the news that a British Scientist has made the Coronavirus Vaccine but this vaccine has not come to common patients in the World.

If you feel the symptoms of Coronavirus in your body, like flu and cough, take fluid drinks and rest. If you feel worse fever and cold, consult with the Doctor. If it is hard to breath, immediately get the medication.

Keep distance with others when you are sick and wear a mask to prevent the transport of virus.

Coronavirus Prevention Tips

More than 2000 people have suffered with Coronavirus and more than 30 patients have passed away. It is necessary to use precautions and prevent the virus from effecting us. More than 2000 people have suffered with Coronavirus and more than 30 patients have passed away. It is necessary to use precautions and prevent the virus from effecting us. I am sharing some useful tips about How to prevent Coronavirus?

Keep filter of the mask towards your face if you are sick. This will keep safe others from your germs. Keep filter to the outside if you are not sick and just wearing the mask for safety purpose.

How to diagnose Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is not a new disease but it’s a 7th form of previous 6 types of viruses which created disasters in 2002, 2003 and 2012. Coronavirus could not be detected in humans but it is found in animals and sea animals like Whale and Shark.

Interesting fact is the doctors who treated the Coronavirus patient, also got succumbed of this virus.

NBC news also discovered the origin of this virus in the Bats.

As the bats are also sold in the sea food market of Wuhan City in china. So they may commit the presence of Coronavirus.

Affects of Coronavirus on Business

Airplanes are empty, airlines are vacant, Every affected country has stopped the traveling of foreigners to their country. This is also an interesting fact that every patient which is caught by this virus has recently traveled from any other country. His virus is not local. So to stop the transportation is a necessary step.

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