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Hacks for Self Grooming

How Self Grooming Affect Your Personality:

Lao Tzu, a great Chinese Philosopher of ancient times once said

He who conquers others is great, but he who  conquers himself is mighty

With these powerful words of a great man one can easily understand the impact of the message being delivered. Iqbal R.A , the great poet philosopher and revolutionist also says that “ Every man is the decider of the fate of nation “. And with these words of Iqbal comes the concept or idea of how much an individual has influence in the community or more broadly, how vital is that individual’s role  in the survival of the entire humanity. With the above said words of the great humans we can think about the importance of Self-grooming or Self-development. Self-Development is a whole universe in itself. It begins with the basic understanding of one’s self, one’s personality, the potential he possesses , the  inbuilt qualities  or adopted ones , and last but not the least his disqualifies and short comings that can result in bringing harm to others or his own self at the end , for every harm done to others is deep down a harm to oneself.

As previously said self-grooming and self-development is a whole universe just like an individual who is himself carrying a universe of thoughts, emotions, attributes, capabilities, endowments, virtues. But there are some path guiders or steps which can lead one in the journey to self-development. The first and foremost attribute one should have is

Self Grooming with Truthfulness and Honesty:

Truthfulness to oneself and to the community is the basic attribute that each person of the community should have. For truth saves but lie drowns a person to levels below humanity. One should be willing to say the truth accept the truth that is being said to him, though against him, and at the end standby what is right or true. This social media era is world of lies. A smiling picture of a person doesn’t necessarily means the person is happy. The togetherness of two people doesn’t assure that they are close to each other’s heart. Most of the time things are displayed just to fill up the emptiness. People talk aimlessly just to escape the inner silence which haunts them and aimless words are filled with lies. Saying a complete NO to lies and accepting the truth whole heatedly is the first step to self-grooming because now a person is accepting oneself wholly with all his attributes and short comings. He doesn’t lie to allude himself or others with things that he doesn’t possess in real. This saves a person a whole lot!

Groom Your Self With Loyalty:

Loyalty is yet another worthy and priceless attribute of a self groomed person. Being loyal in all kind of circumstances gives ones true confidence needed to live in the looping ways of life and facing all the hardships of life. Despite of the power of loyalty the world has fallen short of loyal people.

That is why people depend more on their pet animals for faithfulness. A dog or a horse has proven to be more loyal and faithful guard as compared to a human guard. It’s ironical situation where a human depends on animal for golden attributes which an animal was supposed to get from humans because it was an animal and not a super creature as man is. The point is in today’s technology world loyalty can just be another precious milestone which can make one stand out in the crowd and make one glitter with glory. People are always for such humans who are loyal and compassionate. It’s more likely a million dollar possession and not just a quality.

Groom Your Inner Beauty:

No matter the world beauty has been squeezed into a screen beauty or a beauty of Snap-chat or Instagram filters, but the hacks of inner beauty cannot be neglected. If one focuses more on the beauty of soul, he would less require the need of these filters and makeup or rather make over stuff. The things that add up to inner beauty are all those that purify soul. Thongs that are food for the soul like generosity, calmness, kindness. These gems are easy to carry and once carried can groom one’s self to the higher levels of self-development. These things are a must on this journey of self-revolution and the never fail. To be generous and kind enough is the ultimate success of one’s presence in the world. What can a human be other than being kind and compassionate or willing to help his fellow being irrespective or religion and creed. Empathy is always rewarding and adds to the contentment of soul and a contented soul is the goal of the survival which we are trying to find aimlessly in material things and in outer world of fakeness. We are surrounded by a less number of empathy. As not everyone can be a medical doctor just like that not everyone can be an empathy and hence it being a very rare possession again and whoever attains it is an ultimate successor of life. We can google around and we can easily find all entrepreneurs and social activists as the most generous humans the world has seen.

Give out what you want to get in:

Life is majorly based on the phenomenon of reflection. What we get is basically what we are reflecting from inside. We cannot and shouldn’t expect good without being good ourselves. How can we perceive good if one doesn’t have those necessary receivers in himself which can resonate with the outer goodness to absorb it. If something bad happens to you, you must pause and reflect of anything bad being done by you. Law of Karma has its own significance. We conceive what we give! Hence, on the journey of self-grooming one should bear the necessary qualities of being good so that good is reflected out and received back. Partiality to oneself is a poison to self-development. Being partial will ultimately fail us in our journey. One should be crystal clear about the qualities and disquisitions of oneself and should be strong enough to deal with one’s mistakes as he deal with other’s mistakes.

Summing up again with the golden words of Lao Tzu that “Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world and today I am wise so I am changing myself”. The words are ocean deep with a deep meaning that one can easily control his actions instead of controlling actions of a whole lot number of people around. It’s easy to walk away and remain silent than arguing for no good and end up increasing the discomfort. Peace is always better than wars. Nevertheless truth should be spoken and abide by but in places where it is worthy. The social media debaters and arguers waste their energy on aimless comments. Opinion should be given only on platforms where there are worthy listeners who not only listen but are equipped with the necessary qualities of understanding and correcting themselves where ever wrong. In short, be the person you want to see! Change yourself, groom yourself, develop yourself and thus revolutionize yourself. All other things will fall back into their correct places and the Earth will be a peaceful place to live because peace would be inside YOU!.

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