Easy Hack for GPS Navigation and Voice search

Easy Hack for GPS Navigation and Voice search

Are you last finding a new place? or you looking for a good place to hang on? or are you looking for best coffee shop or Yummiest Pizza of town? If you are looking for any of these things, the best Route finder is right in your hand and is named as:GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder. Not only these above mentioned problems, you can show your location accurately to help your friend reach at your place swiftly and without loss of time or money. GPS Voice Navigation guides you step by step and around every corner of street to help you reach the desired destination with in no time. You not need to bother yourself by asking people, which might misguide you about your destiny.GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder application can help you easily to find route to your desired place. It helps you by driving directions. It also displays Maps driving direction that you can see while walking or driving your car and easily reach your location. If you are a tourist to a new place this application is just right for you!

Need of GPS Navigator and Voice Search

All you need is to have GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder application in your phone and look for Tourist place near me. GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder application will visually display the pictures and various features of that tourist place. It holds your hand, to walk you step by step and reach the place in no time like a best tourist guide. This way you can easily save a lot of money that you were to given a tourist guide if you were hiring one.

This application is a wonderful GPS voice navigation app. You can hear to the audio to follow directions while walking or driving a car on a busy road and cannot afford to load at the phone constantly. Just keep your eyes on the road and ear to the voice navigation and it will lead you like a leader.Finding locations, sharing locations, reading desired places is no longer an issue now. For GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder application can walk with you and be a good companion to help you in finding new places. If you are a new in town and want to look for workplaces, laundry shops, hospitals or clinics, grocery points, gyms, bars, resorts, libraries, this application will guide you to every place and secure from getting scared in an entirely new place where you don’t know anyone and cannot trust either like a trustworthy friend of yours GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder  will hold your hand and take you to your destination.

Be a wise rider  and tour  all the places in world with GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder . A more smarter genuine and user-friendly Application in the world. A real time traffic updates , live traffic maps is giving you directions to ease your journey .Moreover  which streets are crowded with traffic and which routes are which way is more accurate to drive safely from traffic without any messy  situation, then GPS Navigation traffic finder will take you out from this scenario. Reach to your destination if it is School, Bus station, Hospitals, offices , banks and Airports  on time with live traffic maps and navigation.

GPS Navigator

By GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder you can share your live location to your family and friends so that they can approach you in a very efficient way without rooming here and there searching for you .GPS voice navigation just note  down your destination and pickup smoothly or navigate the location where you want to go and be before the time in -spite  of avoiding heavy traffic and worst path way location.

Excursing around the world with Luxury through GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder. Sense yourself a local person than be a tourist , when you travel.Instant learning about the surrounding locations, destinations your many more. You can easily book your ride, which can be your car or a bike route through GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder in a one click through a efficient way . All services are in your hand, installed in your phone and reachable on only one click through  my GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder App

Wonderful Features of GPS Navigation

Store Your Location:

  • Search and store any location from the map in few clicks .
  • Advance location bookmark functionality lets you write down the destination  type and store the title also.

Import and Export KML/GPX/GEOJSON files:

  1. It functions all of the  famous geo formats such as KML/GPX and GEOJSON files.The user can either export your saved location and  can import any of the file extension.

GPS Maps:

  • View easily your current location on the map freely and easily.
  • Find your favorite restaurants , coffee shops and shopping malls cinemas and many more.

GPS Location:

  • Track easily your location with your friends and family .

Live Location:

  • Find out the latitude and longitude according to your current location.

Location Tracker:

  • Turn on the location tracker to view. On later wise which route you have chosen before and to view your saved tracks.

Ongoing Location:

  • View the address and the street no#  you are currently at and never find yourself get    lost.
  • View an address, or specific place by name.

Navigation Widget:

  • Navigate to your famous location from the home screen by a click. Then start up the navigation to your home/side or any  favorite place .


  • Find the shortest and the most accurate route to your destination through navigation of your map.

Location Sharing :

  • Stake your location or any other location from the map with your friends and family.

Attractive Map Themes:

  • Use of Retro or dark themes or enable night mode for better viewing the night view from maps.

Features of  GPS Navigation –Voice search and Route Finder:

  1.         Information about the traffic
  2.         Places searched
  3.         My Location
  4.         Route Finder
  5.         Save Famous Places
  6.         Nearby Locations
  7.         My favorite tourist spots

So, don’t worry just download the application and be rest assured.

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