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Innovative Fashion Hacks in 2020


Oscar Wilde, the great philosopher, once said that “Fashion is what one wears oneself. What others wear is unfashionable.” By, this he simply defined fashion hacks as something that adds up to an individual’s outlook and makes him presentable to the world or community as a whole or to him in a part.

Now, fashion hack is such a diverse world. It counts on creativity, imagination, art, taste, and personality. Anything you can imagine yourself wearing that satisfies you and gives you happiness can be turned out to be fashionable. Fashions are usually considered as trends or something that is “IN”. What the majority is wearing or carrying is fashion. As said fashion is a diverse world with a number of meanings and formats.

We cannot have one kind of fashion throughout the world. Fashion is an image of culture; it has imprints of tradition and customs, some part of religion, a reflection of the wearer’s personality and thoughts. So, in short, it is a whole lot in it and not just a piece of fabric or accessories. It is diverse and changes immensely or altogether from one corner of the world to another or even from one person to another living in the same part of the world.

Importance of Fashion hacks in 2020:

The outlook:

Fashion is as important as the survival of mankind. Humans have an inbuilt nature of looking good and wearing good. It’s the first outlook of a person. It’s the first impression that one can lay on the other person. Fashion is a big way of identifying a person.

The Business:

 Apart from outlook, impression fashion has become a major economical commercial industry. It’s the way of earning a major part of society. It has become a livelihood for a big part of the community. It has come out as a large scale industry.

Fashion Hacks As an Education:

From industries, it has tree passed to universities. There are many universities around the world that offer professional honor studies and master degrees. So, now fashion has a professional stance. People learn how to carry on and invent new things in fashion hacks. For human beings in their quest of looking admirable and presentable always want new things, new ideas, and new formats. New or trend is the survival of the fashion industry and can keep the industry alive!

Fashion as Simplicity:

Fashion hacks is not always adding bright colors or putting up everything that one has. Fashion hack is more about choosing, selecting, and opting out of the many available choices. Choosing what you like and what goes with your personality. Fashion should be immersed in you and not something which is outside you or is looking like something that you don’t own. It’s called carrying fashion. Not all trends are meant for you, sometimes we have to be smart enough to create our own trend and who knows your style might just become a trend for others!!

So, fashion should also be with a dint of simplicity, creativity, and colors of personality. It should not be just a piece of fabric hanging on the body or footwear covering your feet or accessories hanging around aimlessly. All these things should look at an important part of you. You should carry fashion and the fashion should carry you.

Types of Fashion:

There are many kinds of fashion depending on the situation and occasion. There is party fashion, marriage fashion, office fashion, university and college’s classroom fashion, kitty party fashion, shopping fashion, and the list goes on. Hence the fashion is mostly selected depending on the type of occasion one is participating in. So that one is not put in an awkward situation if the get in. Nowadays a theme is selected and every participant has to follow the theme. One should be careful that the style should go with the theme as well as stand out or be unique. For it should not look like a uniform if following a particular theme. The style matters a lot. How unique your dress is made up counts and what kind of accessories you are wearing with that dress.

Hairstyle and Makeup:

Hairstyle and makeup are also a very important part of fashion. IT is a huge science of how much and how to put up makeup and how to design your hair. What kind of hairstyle goes with the dress and not only the dress, with the face of the person wearing it. The hair can be bent and cut and bound into numerous styles and they can just change the whole outlook of the dress. The perfect stroke of the blush on or the eyeliner or the eye color is also a significant part of fashion. And we have to choose the makeup with the dress and occasion where we are wearing the dress. Usually, parties and major ceremonies are attended with heavy makeup. Learning hairstyles and makeup artist is also a major part of fashion learning for the dress or accessories alone cannot complete us in our fashion. We need these two arts as well in order to stand out well on the platform of style!

Fashion Hacks for Girls:

Don’t always go for the glittering stuff displayed. Have your own unique style. Every style that suits you is fashion! Girls can change the outlook of a dress according to what suits them. For example, they can turn long jeans into short or turn sleeveless to sleeve full if they choose. Old jeans can be cut and stuck on some old worn-out sneakers to make them fashionable. If they like a design but not the color they can make the same dress of the color of their choice.

Accessories should not be bought off very color specific. Usually golden, silver, black, or grey accessories go along with all colors of dresses. Similarly black shoes can be carried with every kind of dress. Homemade accessories made of pearl are also an easy hack of fashion.

Summing up, fashion is a whole lot world of creativity, style, and art with a touch of complexities, colors, designs, and sense of fashion.

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