Awesome Hacks for Home Decoration in 1 hour

Awesome Hacks for Home Decoration in 1 hour

They say that Home is, where the heart is”. Anything that appeals to you or is close to your heart is home. And then the question is how the home should be? How it should be made or developed that it resides in your heart or the heart resides in your home. Home decoration is not a new subject. It is as old as human history. Almost all living creatures living on earth dwell with the habit of beautifying their homes like birds. The bird works day and night to collect straws to build a nest and then joins those small pieces of straws in the most beautiful way and suitable for its living.

Hacks to Make Home Comfortable:

home comfortable

Human has always strived to make their homes a blissful place for them. They have always wanted their homes to be the most comfortable place where they can be at ease, where they can spend the time of leisure in a peaceful way; it should be beautiful enough that it should make the heartbeat with joy and happiness. Sol, coming to home decoration it is a subject of art and creativity. We define art and creativity as a science that can make a beautiful thing from plain resources.

Hacks to Exciting Home Decoration:

exciting home decoration

Tricks for home decoration are to consider a piece of paper that is plain and rather unattractive. This simple piece of paper can be cut and bent to make a paper flower by human artistic touch and glorify the room or surroundings by its presence. This is what creativity and art is! To turn worthless into worth full, to turn boring into exciting, to turn ugly into beautiful. It will not be wrong in saying that science made machines to make things artistic so science is, in fact, serving art. We made machines to turn fabric into style.

Hacks to shine your Home with Glory:

Woman Sitting On The Floor Using A Laptop

Everyone wants their home to shine with glory while home decoration. We can talk about simple and easy ways to turn a house of bricks into a heaven beauty piece. All you need is to have a mind creative enough which can think of making the best out of nothing or to make the best use of available resources. We will be discussing some simple ways or rather DO IT YOURSELF ways to beautiful home decoration.

•     Empty plastic bottles or soda drink bottles are just the right things. Split the bottle into two parts with a 1/3rd bottom. Use these bottoms as flower pots. Fill it with mud and grow natural beautiful flowers in them. Place these bottle flower pots in a place where they can have air and sunlight.

Plants in plastic bottle

•     Colored papers or Craft paper are other big sources to imply creativity on them. These simple papers are cut and drawn into flower shapes. The best thing about these flowers is that they never die!!

Paper decoration

•     The soda drink straws are used by joining them. Join a few straws together to make a bundle of 3 or 4 straws. Paint or color these straws and then join the bundles in order to make a framework. Paper butterflies or flowers are then cut and pasted on this framework. This framework is now ready to be pasted or hanged on a wall.

Straw frame

pillow cover

•     Old clothes should not be thrown out. The clothes can be cut and adjusted to be used as a cover for pillows.

•     Glass beverage bottles can be covered with colorful threads or painted with simple oil paints and can be used as a beautiful vase.

•     Cardboard boxes are yet another source of Home decoration. Cardboard pieces can be joined together and painted or covered with colored paper to make a beautiful background and cover any area of the wall that has lost paint or is worn out.

cardboard decoration

shoe box rack

•     Empty shoe boxes should not be thrown away. The shoe boxes can be joined and covered with some colored paper to make small racks or makeup organizational shelves for your home decoration.

•     Cloth hangers can be used in a variety of ways by simply bending or molding them. For example, a hanger can be bent into a circular shape and used as a toilet tissue paper holder for Home decoration.

•     Waste cardboard can also be turned into book racks and clear away the stacked pile of books.

•     Old jeans can also be used in many ways. It can be cut and sewn in a way to make small shoulder bags Home decoration.

bag from jeans

•     The old jeans pockets are cut out and stuck on the wall to hold pens or other stationery items or can also be pasted besides dressing areas to hold makeup accessories for Home decoration.

Tissue Paper Flowers

•     Simple tissue paper available at every Home decoration can be used to make fluffy flowers and pasted on heart shape cut cardboard and turned into a beautiful décor piece.

•     Used toothbrushes can also be used in a variety of “do it yourself” ways like a few toothbrushes can be wrapped with some colored thread. These covered brushes can be then arranged in a way though thread with some gaps to make a small cloth holder for Home decoration.

used cork  jewelry rack

•     The cork of wine bottles is also a marvelous way to be used. The corks can be collected and painted with some colored paint. These colored corks can now be pasted on a piece of wood or simple beside the dressing table. Now jewelry necklaces can be easily hung on these corks. The best thing about this way is that the necklaces now don’t get entangled with each other and are in a ready to wear state for Home decoration.

•     For Home decoration Old frames can be polished and then attached with a small wooden box wide enough to serve as a shelf to hold small things in it.

Computer cds hack

•     Computer CD’s are not commonly used in computers nowadays but these CD’s can serve as marvelous art pieces. The unused CD’s can be broken into a number of small pieces and pasted on around the frame of the mirror. It will give a unique outlook to the mirror with the interference pattern appearing on the pieces of CD’s for Home decoration.

And the list of these “do it yourself” creative ways can go on and on. All we need to have is a creative mind that can make the best out of waste.

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