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Celery Juice Recipe And Benefits For The Medical Medium

What is Celery juice:

The celery juice recipes can also be said as a life savior or Miracle juice. It’s a generally known thing that the powers and wonders of Celeries have been underestimated as the industrial revolution began. But, now we can say that the celery juice has been “an answer to a prayer “owing to its mind-blowing and beautiful powers and it is regaining its once lost importance to become a trend again. This marvelously Nitrified juice has tons of benefits from curing a disease to giving energy, better health, or boosting the natural immune system of the body to protect against diseases.

Let’s take an in-depth look into the juice components and the various conditions of the body where it proves a miracle.

Components of Celery Juice Recipe:

Co-factor micro trace elements:

These elements, like Zinc, Magnesium, and Phosphorus, are needed in a very minute or trace quantities.  They are incredibly essential for the healthy working of the body. As they are part of enzymes working. Celery juice is a rich source of such trace elements and their deficiencies. if any can be recovered instantly.


So, the other main component of Celery Juice is, the power fluids of our body are these electrolytes. They are called power fluids as they provide the necessary electricity, or only such elements and ions are needed to run the human body machine. They help receive oxygen, detoxify, and eliminate poisons.

Plant Hormones:

The miracle celery juice has such hormones that replenish every single gland in the endocrine system of the body like the Pancreas, Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland, Thyroid Gland, and Adrenals. We know how outstanding the balance of these hormones is. Any kind of even slight disturbance in the level of these hormones affects the body adversely.

Digestive Hormones:

The digestive hormones in Celery Juice have a wide range of functions in the body’s digestive system. They have components of all those hormones produced naturally in various digestive glands of the body like the liver and Pancreas.


The antioxidants of celery juice help remove fatty deposits in the body or toxic heavy metal deposits, which have lethal effects on the body if they remain in the body otherwise.


Celery Juice, however, a source of Vitamin-C has more potent effects than Vitamin C of oranges or broccoli. This celery Vitamin C can boost the immune system like no other Vitamin C because it is present in a particular pre-methylated form in celery.

Celery Juice – The Best Relief from Symptoms and Conditions:

The various medical conditions for which this celery juice serves as a best and unmatchable remedy are discussed below.


Addiction of any kind is bad for health. Mostly addiction spurs due to lack of nutrients in the body. And here, celery juice serves as the best source for replenishment of all essential nutrients in the body.


Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, and Memory issues:

All these diseases occur due to the breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain because of the oxidative effect of heavy metals in the brain. Celery Juice complex blend of trace minerals helps restore neurotransmitters for healthy brain function and cleans off the oxidative runoff of toxic heavy metals in neurons of the brain.

Autoimmune conditions:

Autoimmune is a state in which the body’s immune system turns against it and starts attacking its cells. There is no treatment of such disorders except relieving the symptoms. That arises due to these disorders or suppressing the immune system through certain immunosuppressive medicines, which is again harmful to the body as it increases the risk of infections. This wonder juice serves as an anti-inflammatory agent to the mysterious inflammation arising in any autoimmune disorder. The sodium salts in this juice combat the toxins produced in this disorder. Celery juice has proved pleasant against common autoimmune skin disorders like Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, and Actinic Keratosis.

Balance issues: Vertigo and Dizziness:

Celery juice is the source of electrolytes and anti-inflammatories. So it efficiently balances the level of the electrolyte in our body and replenishes the body’s electrolytes balances.


Above all, Being a digestive system helper and booster, it revives the liver, and Celery Juice helps break down fats and smoothens the digestive walls of the gut, which cause illness and bloating.

Ridged Nails and Nail Fungus:

Celery juice strengthens damaged, weak, brittle nails by restoring the liver and flushing off poisons from the body.


Cancer is the leading cause of death, which has no cure. which is due to viruses, bacteria, or toxic chemicals. Celery juice is one of the most profound preventive anti-cancer herbs so it boosts the immune system and removes the harmful toxins in the body.

Adrenal Complications: Adrenal Fatigue, Stress, Weakness, and Disease:

Celery juice helps in all kinds of adrenal dysfunctions by restoring the damaged adrenal tissue and weakened adrenal glands. Which might have been affected due to any disease or a state of constant flight-or-fight.  The mineral salts in this juice enter the adrenal gland through the bloodstream.


Celery juice is beneficial for Fibromyalgia, so, it neutralizes the toxins responsible for the condition.

Multiple Sclerosis:

Celery juice is a great healing source for multiple sclerosis. Above all, it deters the virus that causes it by breaking down the viral cells and membranes. It also overcomes the Neurotoxins produced by the virus, which damages the neuronal cells of the body.


The list of common symptoms treated by celery juice are chills, hot flashes, night sweats, temperature fluctuations, cold hands and feet, sun exposure, constant hunger, etc.

Getting the Celery Juice recipe:

Now, let’s talk about making this wonder juice. It is effortless to make this celery juice right in your kitchen with a simple blender or juicer. It consists of three easy steps like


This miracle, medicinal juice, does serve to be a life savior juice without a lot of costs and hard work. In conclusion, Drinking this juice regularly makes you healthy, wealthy, happy, and wise!!

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